Lottery 4D


LOTTERY GAMBLING GAMES FOR BEGINNERS – The term lottery is indeed familiar to the public because it has existed for a long time, especially in Indonesia, which was formerly known as Social Fund Donations with Prizes, but did not have the same luck as Singapore and England due to government officials who were too greedy with commit corruption and impose taxes that are too large for this lottery game.

This game only requires a small capital to play, but if you are lucky to win this bet, the profit you will get is very large, this game is basically a game of guessing the output numbers that will appear in each game. Below, we explain a little about the types of lottery pairs that exist so that you have a little insight if you want to learn the lottery game.






  • 4D, 3D, 2D
    The first type of online lottery gambling game is 4D, 3D, 2D which is a game that is played by guessing the numbers that will come out of the online lottery with the structure of A (ace), B (middle), C (head) and D (tail) with In the guessing game, there are four numbers (4D), three numbers (3D), two numbers (2D) in the column provided by the provider.
  • 2D free plug
    If in the previously mentioned game you guessed four numbers, the 2D free plug-in online lottery game only predicts two numbers that will come out correctly if you want to win.
  • Plug it in
    Plug-in guesses only one number correctly, in addition to numbers there is a position of numbers that must be guessed correctly and if you succeed in guessing the numbers and positions correctly, what you choose is really accurate according to its name, plug-in.
  • Free plug
    Free plug is an online lottery gambling game that has easy rules, players only need to guess correctly one of the numbers contained in 4D numbers and can be located anywhere.
  • 4D plug package
    Guess two numbers correctly in any position, if you manage to guess the two numbers correctly then you have won the game.


  • Plug in Macau
    Plug in Macau requires players to place bets on two numbers, guessing the lottery output numbers whether big / small and odd / even from heads and tails.
  • Plug Dragon
    Plug Dragon has a way of playing similar to the Macau plug, the thing that distinguishes the two types of online lottery gambling is the number of numbers at stake by risking three numbers, the middle / edge has a middle and edge bet type. The middle number ranges from 25 to 75 while the edge numbers are 0 to 24 and 75 to 99.
  • Flaming Flower
    Flaming Flower has three parts, namely front, middle and back. Flower means to increase while deflated is to decrease, odd or even have bets with odd or even rules.
  • Cross Homo
    Homo crosses are numbers in which there are odd and even numbers, homo means there are an odd pair or an even pair with the guessed numbers being the front, middle and back positions. For example the number 4653, the front position is the leading 2 numbers, namely 4 and 6, the middle position is the 2 middle numbers means 6 and 5, while the back position is the last 2 numbers, namely 5 and 3.
  • Small large
    The game guesses whether the lottery output numbers will be large / small.

    Well, that’s some information on the types and how to play online lottery gambling, hopefully it will be useful and add insight to this popular lottery gambling.